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Welcome to EquipYourKitchen.co.uk – A blog to help you find the best equipment for your kitchen, recipes and cooking guides and tips. 

I do honestly believe that anyone can cook great food, the difference in being able to cook and not cook is the equipment you are using. If you don’t have the right tools to do the job right, no matter how much skill you have you are going to struggle. 

This is why I decided to start Equip Your Kitchen. I wanted to be able to help people like you to find the best equipment as well as how to use it properly to make the best food. 

Here at Equip Your Kitchen, we have a real passion on trying different kitchen equipment, testing them out and seeing which ones we would recommend to help you make the dishes you are wanting to create. 

As well as equipment advice you will also be able to find useful how to cooking guides as well as all kinds of recipes. 

Our Writers

Martyn has a passion for food, he loves trying new foods but also has a real interest in cooking different foods. He has not always been interested in food, it was not until he met his wife and found great pleasure and enjoyment in making nice meals for her. 

He loved being able to try out new recipes, testing different combinations and developing his own recipes. Some have worked out well and others have been terrible. 

Martyn believes that the secret to any good home cook or chef, is the equipment that they use. If you use the correct equipment and use it right, you are one step closer to making some incredible food. Please do get in touch if you have any comments or questions 

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Review Accuracy

At Equip Your Kitchen, we pride ourselves on providing factual information on the products that we do recommend. All pieces of equipment are fully researched and reviewed, with many of them being tested to back up what is written up on them. If you do feel any mistakes have been made, please do get in touch so these mistakes can be corrected. 

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