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The Best Roasting Tin In 2021 [UPDATED]

A roasting tin is an essential item in any kitchen but which one is best? With so many different choices from size, shape and material it can be confusing. The aim of this article is to go through all of these different aspects and share with you the positives and negatives of each. This will allot you to find the right one for you and for your needs. I have also compiled a list of the best roasting tins, to help you find the most recommended ones.

Best Roasting Tin in 2021

I have bought so many different types of roasting tins in the past 15 years, sometimes I felt like I was buying a new one every other month. I would get a new one, love how shiny and nice looking it is and then after 2 roast dinners, it was either nightmare to clean, it was too heavy or it bent out of shape the second it went into contact with any heat.

I am not the only one that this has happened to right?

I had tried different types of materials from stainless steel, to glass and I eventually got sick of having to replace them. So I decided to start doing my research and look to see exactly what are the best roasting tins.

I love a good roast dinner and I knew that having the right roasting pan was essential to roasting the perfect chicken. I spent weeks, maybe even months looking into different types. Going through the pros and cons and even going through pages and pages of past customer reviews.

I then decided to do my own testing and bought a couple and then continued to buy a few months, until I had a large box full of them (they are still in the garage somewhere). My wife thought I was crazy.

All of this testing did however help me to come up with the best roasting tin list you do see in this article. I really hope my research does help you to find the right one for you and your needs.

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Best Roasting Tins – Detailed Reviews

1. Russell Hobbs Self Basting Roasting Tin With Lid

Russell Hobbs Self Basting Roasting Tin With Lid

  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 27 x 40 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 690g
  • Shape: Oval

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The first product in this list of best roasting tins is the Russell Hobbs Self Basting Roasting Pan with lid. This is perfect for those that are wanting to either slow cook a roast in the oven, or cook it at a higher heat. It comes with a lid, so it will help self baste the meat which will make it even  more flavoursome and juicy.

Some people may prefer a roasting tin that is not as deep, however the fact that it is deep means that it is multifunctional. You are not just restricted to typical roasts, you could also make things such as curry, stews and pasta bakes.

The handles are a decent size so it’s easy to pick up and it’s not too heavy at only 690g. Its oval, so perfect for roasting meat and it has a capacity of 36cm so it can fit pretty decent sized roasts in it. The tin is completely dishwasher safe and price wise it is very reasonable at under £20.

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2. Russell Hobbs 3 Piece Roasting Tin Set

Russell Hobbs 3 Piece Roasting Tin Set

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 99.1 x 76.2 x 12.7 cm
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Shape: Rectangular

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We have another Russell Hobbs Roasting Tin, however this one is a 3-Piece set. They are made from durable carbon steel and can safely be used in an oven of up to 230°C. I really like that these have an enamel coating, as this does prevent them from staining, although you have to be careful that this doesn’t scratch off.

The great thing about this set is that you get 3 different roasting tins, so you can ensure you use the right size for what you are planning on cooking in them. You get a 38cm, 36cm and 26cm, with the 36cm one being slightly lipped. In terms of depth one is 4cm and the other two are 5cm, these would be ideal depths for roasting.

These are perfect for cooking a roast dinner or anything else you might want to cook from chips to roasted vegetables. The trays are easy to clean as you can wash by hand or place them in the dishwasher. To say you get 3, they are also great value for money.

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3. MasterClass Deep Roasting Tin

MasterClass Deep Roasting Tin

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 39 x 28 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Shape: Rectangle

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In third place in the best roasting tin list we have a non-stick pan from The Master Class. It is made from a high quality carbon steel, with a finish that is going to help it be non-stick. This roasting pan does have a pretty big depth at 7cm, so can be used to make the most tasty roast meat or even roast potatoes, vegetables and pasta bakes.

Some people have commented that things have stuck and that it’s stained, this sounds like there was too much unoccupied space so the juices have burnt. Make sure if the roast is not big enough to fill, add some vegetables to pack it out. As already mentioned it is made from a non stick coating, so if used correctly you shouldnt experience food sticking to the base.

It is a very reasonable price and great value when you take into account that it should last you for many years, as long as you look after it. Speaking of which, it is 100% dishwasher safe, if you do wash by hand make sure you use something that is non-abrasive.

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4. Russell Hobbs Roasting Tin with Rack

Russell Hobbs Roasting Tin with Rack

  • Material: Steel with Enamel
  • Size: 34 x 24 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Shape: Rectangle

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Next up in the list of best roasting tins is another one from Russell Hobbs, however this done does come combined with a wire rack. It is made from steel but is also coated with enamel to help make it durable. The enamel should help make it easy to clean as it shouldnt stain, not only that but it is also completely dishwasher safe.

The addition of the stainless steel rack, you can place the meat on the top and the juices fall into the tin below. This can then be used to baste the meat or even for gravy after the meat has finished cooking.

The tin itself is 34cm, so it would be perfect for most sized meats. I do like that the rack itself is removable, so you can cook food in it without the rack if needed. Part of the rack does hang over the pan, however this cannot be used as a handle. This could make it a little awkward getting it out of the oven.

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5. MasterClass Deep Roasting Tin With Rack

MasterClass Deep Roasting Tin With Rack

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 40 x 28 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 2.14 kg
  • Shape: Rectangle

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MasterClass is known for creating high quality bakeware products in the UK. This one is made from carbon steel with a teflon non stick coating. In fact all the individual parts are non-stick and this does make it very easy to clean.

The rack included is removable and is designed to drain the juices from the meat into the bottom. Many prefer this type of rack as it does result in it being less calories and healthier. One drawback to the rack is that due to the angle it has, it does make the roasting area smaller than if you were not to use the rack.

If you were looking for a roasting tin that can be used in the oven as well as on the Stovetop, this one would be perfect. It is completely safe to use on your stove top, as long as it is non an induction hob. The pan does also have large handles, to make transferring and removing very easy. This is a good thing as the tin is pretty heavy at over 2kg.

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6. Nordic Ware Oven Crisp Roasting Tin

Nordic Ware Oven Crisp Roasting Tin

  • Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminum
  • Size: 38.1 x 28.91 x 3.18 cm
  • Weight: 900g – 1.2kg
  • Shape: Rectangle

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With this roasting tin from Nordic Ware, you can pick between stainless steel and aluminum, both of which come with non-stick coating and are very easy to clean. Although they do need to be hand washed.

This roasting pan is perfect for bacon, fries, veggies but I wouldn’t say it is great for roasts. There is no depth to the rack, therefore there is the risk that fat could come off the side or make it hard lifting the pan out of the oven with a heavy roast on it.

So if you stick to non-large meats, this would make a very good pan. Below the rack you will find any liquid you collect. One good thing is the air circulation, this helps to cook the food on both sides without you having to turn them whilst cooking.

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7. Lakeland Bakeware Non Stick Large Roasting Tin

Lakeland Bakeware Non Stick Large Roasting Tin

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Size: 42.6 x 30.4 x 8.8 cm
  • Weight: 1.52kg
  • Shape: Rectangle

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Lakeland is known to create good quality kitchen equipment and this is no different, which is why its made the list of best roasting tins. This one is a little unique as it does have an excellent lip in one corner, so you can easily pour out any liquid or juices. This is great as its going to be incredibly hot and many roasting tins can be awkward when trying to pour out the juice.

It is made out of a durable alloy steel and the edges are rolled so that it does rust or have any sharp edges. The tin is also non-stick, so you shouldnt experience any stains and as it is dishwasher safe it is very easy to clean.

Another neat feature is the base of the roasting pan, as it is contoured so it does help with air flow and heat distribution. Price wise it is really good value, even more so on how big it is as it’s perfect for a family sized roast.

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8. Salter Marble Carbon Steel Roasting Tin

Salter Marble Carbon Steel Roasting Tin

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 37.4 x 25.2 x 6.2 cm
  • Weight: 520g
  • Shape: Rectangle

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Like others in this list of best roasting tins, Salter makes some excellent cookware and this one is not different. This tin is grey in colour, which makes it look very stylish and will suit many kitchens. It features a non stick marble coating, which will prevent food from sticking and staining.

Size wise it is very reasonable with a width of 36cm, so you will be able to fit most large roasts or make a nice family lasagna. It is safe to be used in an oven of up to 220°c / gas mark 6, so perfect for slow cooking meats however you do need to make sure you do not allow it to get any hotter.

If you are after a basic, no frills roasting tin that does the job, is easy to clean and won’t break the bank then this one is perfect.

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9. ProCook Non-Stick 3 Piece Roasting Tin Set

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 700g – 1.3kg
  • Shape: Rectangle

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The last pan in this list of best roasting tins is from ProCook and this one features 3 different sized tins in one set. All 3 are built from strong carbon steel, which have a non-stick coating so you shouldnt experience any stains. These cook perfect roasts as they provide even distribution and great air flow.

You can use these in the oven to roast anything you want, as long as the oven is no more than 260C. All 3 of these pans are tough and durable but they are also lightweight, so they shouldn’t be too heavy to get out of the oven.

The only downside is that there are no handles, so you do need to get a good grip on the base when you take it out of the oven. Price wise it is pretty decent when you compare that you do get 3 of them in the set. ProCook do also offer a 10 year guarantee, as they do pride themselves on manufacturing quality products.

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Roasting Tin Buyers Guide

There are so many options when it comes to buying a roasting tin, I have made so many mistakes in the past and ended up having to replace mine after just a few uses. Below is a handy guide to help go through things you should look at when looking to find the perfect tin to roast your food.


The first thing I always consider is the size of the roasting tin, there are a few important things to think about when it comes to deciding on what size you need.

Many people will get a tin that is either too big or too small, so you first need to think about what you will be using it for. The tin needs to be large enough to hold what you plan to roast, and whatever you are roasting should NOT touch the sides.

At the same time you also need to make sure it is not too big, if a lot of the bottom shows then you will find any liquid or juices that come from cooking just burn and this will end up ruining your roasting tin quicker.

Its also very important that the roasting tin offers a good amount of air circulation, as this will help what is being roasted to brown nicely. If you are not sure on the size you need, I would recommend going for a set so you can get a small, medium and large tin.

If you cannot do this then you want to get a big roasting tin, you then want to fill the remaining space with vegetables to roast as well. These will soak up the juices which will not only make them taste amazing but will also prevent the juices from burning on the bottom of the tray.

As well as the length and width of the roasting tin, you also need to think about the depth. If its not very deep then there is a good chance that liquid or juices in the bottom could spit out. The tray being too deep could cause undercooked meat on the bottom as the heat risers, so you need to make sure the meat is fully cooked throughout.


Something else you might not think about is the actual shape of the roasting tin, should you go for an oval or rectangle. Naturally you should go with the ones you prefer the look of, but understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each is going to be best.

Oval roasting tins are ideal for roasting oval shaped meats such as chicken, as it allows for even cooking and good air flow. If you like to make your own gravy from the cooking juices, oval tins are ideal as its much easier to use a whisk without having problems with corners.

You could look at getting a square roasting tin, if you do you would want it to have rounded edges. This would make it ideal for sauces and gravy however you might struggle to roast meat such as chicken, as the cooking wont be even and you might risk it not fitting.

It would be possible to counter this by using a rectangle one, as this would give more room for the meats however you should make sure the edges are also rounded. Now straight 90 degree angled corners that don’t have a rounded corner are just as good and will roast your meat very well, so if you have no plans on doing sauces in the tin you can go for either.


Something to also think about is the weight of the roasting tin, you don’t want it to be too heavy but at the same time you do not want it to be too light. If it is too lightweight then there could be the risk that it cannot handle the heat and end up warping or going out of shape, if it’s also not solid then it won’t be able to distribute the heat correctly.

As said though it does not want to be too heavy, this will not impact the cooking but is more of a safety/ease of use thing. You see if it is very heavy then you might struggle to put it in and out of the oven. Don’t forget when you have a roast and other veggies, its going to really add to the weight. You do not want to be struggling to carry a large and hot roasting tin full of food.


We all have our favourite material type when we purchase kitchen equipment, but when it comes to roasting tins it really does matter which you go for. Below I am going to go through each type of material, helping you find the right one for you and for what you plan on cooking in them.

Stainless Steel

A Stainless Steel Roasting tin is probably one of the most common types that people go for, they tend to look good, lightweight, durable and they are also very easy to clean. It’s incredibly important that you go for the right size as they are prone to burning due to the heat distribution being uneven.


Many people look at aluminum because of just how lightweight they are, they are however not very durable and therefore you might find you get dents. They also tend to stain very easily which makes them look less appealing and if you use acidic ingredients this can cause the metal to leach into the food. So personally not the best choice when it comes to roasting food.


If you are looking for a roasting tin that you can use on your oven and on the hobs, a copper one would be perfect. This is because they are conductive, so they heat up evenly. Now they do not work on induction hobs and they can be very expensive. Another drawback is that they do require a lot of maintaining to keep them looking good.

Carbon Steel with Enamel Coating

A very common roasting pan is made from Carbon steel and features an enamel coating. These tend to be lightweight, low in cost and are often very easy to clean up. They also conduct heat pretty well, so you should have an even roast. It is important however to make sure the steel is good quality and thick or else you could find the pan buckles. Something to also bear in mind is that enamel can chip fairly easily.

Anodized Aluminum

One of the downsides to aluminum is that it does leach, An Anodized one does however stop this from happening. As well as that they are also nonstick and are often very durable. The main downside is the dark colour, this makes it had to see how things are roasting at the bottom.

Multi-ply / Tri-ply

These roasting tins take different materials and combine them together and place them in between layers of steel. More often than not the material in between the stainless steel is aluminum or copper. These are one of the best types as they look great and they heat up evenly. If you do want one of these though you do need to be prepared to pay, as they are not the cheapest.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a material that many people go for but is it actually good for a roasting tin? Normal cast iron is very heavy and it doesn’t conduct heat very well, so its normally uneven with hot spots. They will often crack if you put them on a direct heat, however they do have a very good non-stick surface.

You can get enamel cast iron roasting pans, these do conduct and spread the heat better and if cooked at a low temperature can be an excellent choice. A well-known brand is Le Creuset, although many people do still struggle with how heavy they are.


A very common material for roasting tins is glassware, and this is one that I have actually used quite a lot. They do spread the heat very well and tend to be good when it comes to nonstick.

They do have a lot of downsides though, such as not being able to be placed on the hob as this will damage it. They can also stain very easily and tend to be very heavy. Even though they are made from a strong glass, they can still chip or develop cracks over time.

Somethings To Consider

It is not just the shape, size and material that you should look at when looking for the best roasting tin. You should also look at the different features they have, below are a couple of things you should consider.


Having handles on a roasting tin can have its positives and its negatives. They are a good thing as it helps make it much easier to lift out of the oven as the handles will help to take most of the weight. Handles also make it easier to lift the pan with oven gloves on, so they can help add that additional safety and protection.

Now if you do pick a roasting pan with handles, you should make sure they are sturdy. You can get them that have a wire handle that simply slides into the pan, these are flimsy and are not going to help when it comes to the weight. The best types of handles are those that are large and screwed to the side of the roasting tin.

One thing you do however need to make sure is that you check the size of the pan and your oven. Don’t forget those handles are going to add extra length to the pan, so you want to make sure it will still fit in your oven.

Racks Included

Just like handles, using a roasting tin that has a rack also has its advantages but at the same time it does cause some disadvantages as well.

Have you ever cooked a roast in the oven directly on the bottom of the roasting pan and noticed the bottom of your chicken is a little soggy? This happens because of the juices that come out of the meat and remain under your roast.

To combat this you would place it on the rack so it is not touching the bottom, this will allow air to go all the way around your meat. The result of this is an evenly cooked meat that is brown all around. Another advantage to using a rack is that all of those juices and drippings collect at the bottom of the roasting tin, so you can use them after the meat is cooked to make an amazing and flavoursome gravy or sauce.

There are however also some negatives to having a roasting pan with a rack. Some of these cheaper pans have cheaper made racks, which could result in them being a bit flimsy and risk bending in the metal even more so if the meat is heavy. These racks are also exposed to the juices and drippings from the meat, which often makes them very hard to keep clean.

So as you can see, there are certainly reasons why you would want a rack with your roasting tin, as well as reasons not to. The best thing to do would be to have a couple, that way you can have some with and some without.

Oven Size

The final thing you do want to think about is the size of your actual oven, there is nothing worse than buying a roasting tin that just doesn’t fit very well. It would therefore be worthwhile measuring your oven to make sure anyone you do buy will actually fit. As I mentioned a moment ago, don’t forget to also include the length of any handles it may also have.


There you have it, the best 9 roasting tins as well as a bit more information on what to look for in a roasting pan. I do hope that this information has been useful and will help you find the right pan for you and your needs. Its surprising how many options there are and how much of a difference each tin can be. One of the things that really stuck in when I was looking for a replacement, was the size. Before I would have used a tin that was too big and there was a lot of empty space on the base, no wonder the juices would all burn.

Now I have a wide range of different sized roasting tins, so I can pick the right one for whatever I am roasting in them. If you do have any comments or questions, please do post them below and I would be more than happy to help.


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